Sliced belly pork


Local reared pork,

Cut,  belly pork ideal for marinating and BBQ Air vac’d and frozen to allow you time to decide when to cook it .


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Fresh locally produce pork, I have rarely tasted meat and chicken that tastes a good as it does here. We decided to choose belly pork because it quick and easy and Ideal for a BBQ with a nice bowl of fresh potatoes and salad or just between 2 chunks of bread. When considering how much to buy please be aware that this price is for 1/2 Kilo which to us still working in Imperial its 1lb. If you have a larger party of people with big appetites feel free to order more.

We air vac all our meat products then freeze them it does not detract from the flavour but allows you time to decide when and how to use it .

We have not forgot the Vegetarians and have a selection of homemade meals for `Veggies’ should this be useful.

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