Pork steaks


Pack of pork steaks purchased from a local butcher in Lefkas, air vac’d and frozen for you to use when and how you choose.


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Tasty pork steaks, the reason I do not choose to put meat with bones on the list is because of a rather disastrous meal I cooked for hours on board a boat once and the oven never got hot enough to cook right through to the bone. So for easy and for your peace of mind we choose meat with little or no bone.

These steaks usually come quite large and possible can be cut in 2 for the average appetite.  They are excellent fried, grilled or cooked in the oven or you can always throw them on the BBQ

We air vac all our meat products then freeze them it does not detract from the flavour but allows you time to decide when and how to use it .

A reminder that this price is for 1/2 kilo of pork steak equivalent to 1lb for all of you still struggling with weights!!


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