Kitchen Pack


A comprehensive pack of items for the galley, intended to save waste.

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I don’t know what experiences you have of sailing but we always ended up with loads of good stuff left at the end of the week, which is such a shame.. this pack has been designed to provide everything I think you will need for the kitchen during your week sailing without having waste and contributing to the terrible land fill here in Greece.

I remember one year everyone had a certain item to bring to help but so many forgot we ended up shopping anyway.

The contents of this pack are:

  • Washing up liquid
  • 1 Tea towel
  • 1 Pan Scrub
  • 1 Metal pan scrub (for the burnt bits)
  • 1 Large kitchen roll
  • 1 Dishcloth
  • Surface cleaner
  • 1 Packet serviettes
  • 2 Large black bin liners
  • 15 Small toilet bin liners
  • Hand wash
  • Lighter.

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